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Generator Technology and FeaturesHonda Inverter Generator


What is Inverter technology?

The power levels of standard generators and other power sources often fluctuate. For lighting and other simple applications this isn’t a problem, as they may flicker but will return to normal straight away. However, if this happened when you were powering a computer it would probably shut down and may even be permanently damaged by the power surge.


Generators with inverter technology features a unique micro-processor that “smoothes” the power output, to deliver clean power with a pure sine wave form. This flattens all power spikes and makes the power levels super-stable, enabling you to use this range for safely powering computers and other sensitive electronics without risking damage.


This technology also allows for an exceptionally small design, with alternators that are almost half as small as those in more traditional models. In addition to this they are quieter, more lightweight, and more fuel efficient.


What is EcoThrottle?

Smart Engine Technology. This feature automatically adjusts the generator’s engine speed to precisely match the load. This saves fuel, extends the engine life, and reduces operational noise levels, for a silent generator.


What is Oil Alert?

This unique feature shuts down the engine automatically if the oil level drops below a safe level, which saves the engine from damage, and keeps you safe too.