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  • Cordless Impact Drivers  

Bosch Impact driver in actionWhat is an impact driver?

An impact driver can be used for screw driving because it has a ¼” hex tool holder, suitable for screwdriver bits. Impact drivers are designed for tightening or loosening tough screws as they use a strong, pulsing rotary motion to provide rapid bursts of high torque. This means less screw stripping, easier loosening of corrosively frozen or over-torqued screws, and screws can be tightened with torque greater than a screwdriver can provide. When you need to start working faster or fatigue is setting in as you work, a cordless impact driver can be an ideal replacement for a screwdriver.

What Impact Drivers do we have?

At Kelvin Power Tools, we have a wide range of cordless impact drivers available from all the top brands, Panasonic, Makita, Metabo, Bosch, DeWalt and Festool. Our strongest batteries come at 18V which are provided by all the various brands. You can also buy a Makita or Bosch impact driver at 10.8V or you can get a Festool or Panasonic at 14.4V. Most of them use lithium-ion batteries though NiMH models are also available. You can click on any product to find out more about what each cordless impact driver offers you. 

Ask us if you need help

Our expert staff is here to answer any queries you have about a cordless impact driver or any other power tool or accessory. So to learn more, feel free to contact our Glasgow showroom.

Have you considered a cordless kit for a better deal?

If you're interested in impact drivers, many of them come in cordless kits which offer good value for money. We have a very good selection of power tool combo packs from Bosch, DeWalt, Panasonic and Makita with many including a cordless impact driver. If you're considering buying more than one tool, we definitely recommend having a look!