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  • Cordless Impact Wrenches  

What are the Advantages of a Cordless Impact Wrench?

These tools have a square drive suitable for attaching sockets, and are most commonly used in product assembly, major construction projects, and automotive repair. They are designed to deliver a pulse-like, high torque output with as little exertion by the user as possible.

These cordless models are quickly approaching the same power output as their mains counterparts, thanks to the rapid advancement of cordless technology in recent years. They are more portable, as you can move away from a power source, and they do not have the disadvantage of trailing cables getting in the way and presenting a trip hazard.

Choosing a Cordless Impact Wrench

Important features to consider when choosing a model from our range include:

  • Battery: how often will you be using the machine and for how long? The answers to these questions will help you decide which battery voltage and capacity is right for you.
  • Robustness: do you need the machine to be able to cope with heavy-duty use in tough environments?
  • Power: does the machine have enough torque and will it work quickly enough for your needs?
  • Comfort: consider the balance, grip circumference and covering, weight, and vibration levels.

Feel free to contact us for further information. We have a team of experts who will be happy to offer help and advice to make sure that you choose the right machine for your needs.