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Metal Cutting DiscsMetal Cutting Discs for Angle Grinders

We have depressed centre (DPC) and flat metal cutting discs in stock, with diameters varying from 100mm up to 350mm. These discs are suitable for use in a variety of different cutting applications in a range of metal types.

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  • Metal Cutting Discs  

Tyrolit Metal Cutting DiscsWhy should you buy Tyrolit Metal-Cutting Discs?

These Tyrolit angle grinder cutting discs have been manufactured to the highest standard, resulting in a tough product that performs to the level required by professionals.

There is a lot of variety in this range, including diameter, bore, intended usage, and materials that can be worked.

Do you need some expert advice?

If you need help choosing the right metal cutting discs then feel free to contact us. We have a great team of experts at Kelvin Power Tools and we are more than happy to guide you through our products.