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  • Multi-Purpose Drill Bits  

Looking for multi-purpose drill bits?

At Kelvin Power Tools we have a large range of multi-purpose drill bits online and in store. Our multi-purpose drill bits are produced by Bosch and come in a variety of sizes. Our range has diameter sizes between 4mm and 12mm and there are also a variety of lengths.

Multi-Purpose drill bits provide a solution for drilling into almost all materials. They can be used for drilling concrete, masonry, brick, ceramic, wood, plastic and many other materials. They can deliver perfect results with or without impact and are long lasting.

All Bosch drill bits are manufactured to the highest standards. As an Approved Supplier, you can be sure of receiving that same Bosch quality when you buy from us.

Ask us about multi-purpose drill bits

Do you want to learn more about one of these multi-purpose drill bits? We have a great set of staff who really understand our products so feel free to contact us for more information.