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  • Multi-Purpose Drill Bits  

Bosch Multi-Construction Drill BitsAre you looking for Multi-Purpose drill bits?

We have a great range of CYL-9 Bosch multi-construction drill bits available online and in store. These bits are available in a variety of diameters from 4mm to 12mm, as well as a variety of different lengths. They have a distinctive blue-coloured flute that allows you to quickly and easily tell them apart from the any other bits.

These Bosch multipurpose drill bits are some of the most flexible bits on the market as they are able to drill practically all materials in interior fitting work, including concrete, masonry, brick, eternit, light building materials, multi-layer materials, ceramics and tiles, wood, plastic, sheet metals, and aluminium.

Whether you are drilling with or without impact, these Bosch multi-construction bits are robust and reliable bits that will provide you with perfect results.

Do you need help with our range of professional drill bits?

Then get in touch! We have a great team of expert staff members on hand who will be able to give you all of the help and advice you might need. Whether you’re looking for multi-material drill bits like the Bosch CYL-9 range, or specialist ones for particular materials, you can be sure of getting the right tools and accessories for the job when you shop with us!