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Panasonic EY74A2 DualV Drill Driver (18v 5Ah)

Panasonic EY74A2 LJ2G31 Dual Voltage Brushless Drill Driver (2 x 18v 5.0Ah)

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Panasonic EY74A2 DualV Drill Driver (18v 5Ah)

The Panasonic EY74A2 LJ2G31 drill driver is a dual voltage machine, which means that it works with both 18v and 14.4v Panasonic Li-ion batteries. This particular version contains two 18v 5.0Ah batteries and a charger, packaged inside an L-Boxx.

What are the key features of this Panasonic EY74A2 drill driver?

  • Tough Tool IP56 protection allows you to work worry-free work in the toughest environments
  • Newly-designed brushless motor is more powerful and efficient than the previous design. It will also last you twice as long as a brushed motor.
  • Newly designed control circuit increases stable current flow to motor by more than 70%, ensuring a consistently-high power level, even during high-load tasks
  • New “speed control” function reduces ‘run out’ for metal holesaws, and prevents surface scorching on stainless steel and other materials. It does this by allowing the user to select between high, medium, and low speed based on the maximum speeds for the holesaw being used.
  • Shorter head thanks to a new motor, gear, and chuck design enables you to use this tool in even the tightest spaces
  • Smooth start electronics start at a slow speed and gradually increase. This provides you with greater control at the start of drilling or when working with small screws in precise tasks.
  • Improved durability features – see below for details
  • Superb battery technology: see the Panasonic Battery Technology page for details
  • Electric brake protects both you and your tool
  • Great usability features like an LED light, belt hook, and new anti-slip grip pattern

What durability improvements have been made to the EY74A2?

  • New ultra-hard tungsten carbide jaw tips are brazed into each jaw, to give extra ‘bite strength’ and substantially reduce wear
  • New hybrid switch eliminates the heavy friction suffered by its internal parts during the use of electric brake. This gives smoother operation, and doubles the life expectancy of the part.
  • Elastomer Bumper: increased amounts of rubber and resin coating at the bottom of the tool help to prevent damage if the tool is dropped from a height

What is the advantage of a Panasonic Dual Voltage drill?

The bodies of all Panasonic power tools in the dual voltage range contain a sensor that detects the voltage of the attached battery, and then changes the current and voltage flow to give you the tool’s best performance.

Having a tool that can be powered by 18v and 14.4v batteries gives you excellent flexibility, and allows you to customise the tool to the task at hand.

Need the highest power and longest runtime? Use 18v 4.2Ah batteries. Need a lightweight tool that can be used for smaller tasks overhead? Use 14.4v 1.5Ah batteries. Or use anything in between suited exactly to your needs!

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Technical Spec.

  • Charging time (usable/full): 65/80 min
  • Speed at no load (low): 20 - 480 rpm
    Speed at no load (high): 70 - 1.580 rpm
  • Max. torque (stalling/instant torque): 32/50 Nm
  • Clutch torque: 0.5-4.4 Nm
  • Clutch stages: 18 + drill position
  • Max. drilling diameter (in wood/metal): 38/13 mm
    Max. holesaw size in metal: 33 mm
  • Size (W x L x B): 68 x 178 x 250 mm
  • Weight (incl. battery): 2.05kg

Battery Capacities - Screwing

  • Wood screws in yellow pine 4.1mm x 25mm: 1.450pcs
    Wood screws in yellow pine 8mm x 80mm: 390pcs
    Wood screws in yellow pine 4mm x 13mm t = 1.6mm 1.200pcs

Battery Capacities - Drilling

  • Holes in SPC Ø 21mm t = 1.6mm: 45pcs
    Holes in SPC/ hole saw Ø 25mm t = 1.6mm: 85pcs
    Holes in SPC/ hole saw Ø 33mm t = 1.6mm: 70pcs
  • Holes in yellow pine Ø 18mm x 120mm: 140pcs
    Holes in yellow pine Ø 30mm x 40mm: 250pcs

Supplied With

  • 2x 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries
  • Charger
  • Case