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Paslode Nail Guns

Why should you Buy a Paslode Gun?

For over 80 years Paslode has been the global leader in the development and manufacture of pneumatic and cordless nailing systems for use in timber construction. If you are working on-site or in factory based pre-fabrication you will find there is a  Paslode nail gun that has been designed to make your job faster and easier, 

The first of the Paslode nail guns for sale was the Impulse, developed and launched in the UK in 1986. It was the first nailer based on the principle of igniting gas in a small combustion chamber to fire a nail rather than compressed air. This new nail gun removed the restrictions caused by the compressor and air hose required with air tools. The Paslode gas nail gun was the first tool to give the user complete freedom to move around site while working.

Since then on-site timber construction has been completely revolutionised. The Paslode nail gun has now replaced the air nailer and the hammer for all but the most basic nailing jobs. They have improved flexibility of use, and give you completely unrestricted access to every part of the job.     

What Paslode Accessories are available to buy?

There is a full range of Paslode nails and staples and other accessories for sale for all Paslode guns. The various types of nails available to buy come in the commonly used sizes with a variety of coatings designed to suit both indoor and outdoor use.

Do you need a Paslode Nailgun Serviced or Repaired?

We have an in-house Service and Repair Centre that has been fully approved by the manufacturer. We service and repair all current Paslode nail guns to the standard laid down by the manufacturer. If local you can drop your tool off in-store or from further afield send it to us via courier using our simple, easy to use Paslode online repair service.