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Paslode Nail Guns, Paslode Nails and accessories

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Looking For A Paslode Nail gun?

The Paslode nail gun has now virtually replaced the hammer for all but the most basic nailing jobs on a construction site because it makes the job fast and easy. The Paslode gas nailer is now well proven to improve performance and save you money. Paslode nail guns are available in a number of different formats, including the stapler and positive placement nailer as well as the more popular Paslode framing nailer or Paslode finish nailer

Looking For A Framing Nailer Gun?

The PaslodeIM35 Plus is capable of firing nails up to 90mm in length continuously into timber. This Paslode framing nailer is the tool of choice for most professionals if you are looking to build timber frames quickly for house building and most other construction applications.  

Looking For A Finishing Nailer?

The Paslode IM65 finishing nailer fires brad nails up to 65mm, and is available in both a straight and angled version for situations where you may need to access tight corners. This Paslode finish nailer is made for all 2nd fix applications where you need the best quality of finish for facings and the like.

What Other Paslode Nail Gun Might Be Useful?

The Paslode positive placement nailer is judged to be three times faster than an ordinary hammer, saving you valuable time when fixing joist hangers, truss clips, connector plates and straps. If you lay sub floors then the Paslode stapler will fire quickly fire divergent staples into thin plywood, providing a stable and even surface on which to lay tiles and flooring

Are There Paslode Nails For The Job?

There is a full range of Paslode nails and accessories for your Paslode nail gun of various lengths and degree of corrosion protection for every tool, giving you all the options you need to get the best out of your Paslode framing nailer or Paslode finish nailer whatever the application. Get a great deal on all your tools and accessories from Kelvin Power Tools both online and in store.