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Personal Protective EquipmentPPE Personal Protection Equipment

Looking for PPE? We have a great range of the best personal protective equipment here. We supply safety gear from the best brands in the market like Buckler, Dickies, Scan & Trend. You will find ear protection, safety goggles, hard hats, work gloves, knee pads, masks and much more.

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  • PPE Personal Protection Equipment  

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety on the job should be the top priority of any construction professional or tradesman. There is a wide variety of equipment available to help you protect yourself on the job site. We stock a great range of PPE that will help protect your eyes, ears, head and hands, as well as equipment that will prevent the inhalation of harmful substances.

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If you have any questions about our PPE range then feel free to ask us about it. We are more than happy to help!