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Metabo Polisher Burnisher AccessoriesMetabo Polisher Burnisher Accessories

These accessories are suitable for use with the highly popular Metabo SE12-115. The range includes sanding belts, abrasive sleeves, flap wheels, grinding wheels, expansion rollers and spacer rings.

These are all official Metabo accessories, meaning that they are made to the high standards you would expect from this top professional brand.

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  • Metabo Polisher Burnisher Accessories  

Burnishing AccessoriesWhat does a polisher burnisher do?

A burnisher is a finishing tool that runs a rotating roller along a surface in order to improve its texture and finish. Burnishing can provide several other positive effects such as combating fatigue failure, preventing corrosion and stress corrosion, texturing surfaces to eliminate visual defects, and closing porosity.

Looking for more burnishing accessories?

Everything listed here is available to purchase from Kelvin Power Tools upon request. Simply call 0141 883 4794 or email sales@kelvinpowertools.com!

Do you need help or advice?

We have a great team of power tool experts available to answer any questions you have about Burnisher Polisher accessories. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will gladly help.