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Spit Hit M 8x132mm HammerFix (50pk)

Spit 060098 Hit M Hammer Fixings 8mm x 132mm Countersunk Anchor (50pk)

Product Code: SPIT-060098
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Spit Hit M 8x132mm HammerFix (50pk)

These Spit Hit M 8mm hammer fixings (060098) are 132mm long. They are strong wall anchors with good electrical insulation properties.

  • 8mm x 132mm
  • Countersunk

Suitable for use on


Solid and hollow substrates such as concrete, brick, stone and slab. Pre-expansion design guarantees a solid installation.







•  Drywall track and brackets •  Electrical installations  •  Insulation supports  •  Battens/sole plates  •  Conduit clips  •  Boxes  •  Trunking  •  Skirting boards  •  Computer floor pedestals  •  Brackets  •  Metal frames  •  Collars




How Spit Hit M Fixings Work

By hammering in the fixing, the drive nail pushes against the pre-expansion collar until the sleeve is fully located. Further hammering or tightening the screw causes the sleeve to expand. When point of contact is made in the hole the screw is drawn in towards the fixing until flush with the fixture surface.

Technical Spec.

Material of Spit Fixing

Sleeve: polyamide 6 is resistant to weathering, ageing and rotting. It can withstand temperatures from -20ºC to +60ºC. It has good electrical insulation properties. It has high tensile and compressive strength and is largely resistant to chemical attack.

Screw: Zinc plated 5μm / A4 Stainless steel.

Further Details

  • Innovative design - Ensures the product can be hammered all the way into the hole without expansion
  • Countersunk sleeve - Protects the item being fixed for 8mm diameter
  • Demountable
  • Wide collar - Ensures tight fixing
  • Saw tooth thread - Makes it easy to drive in and unscrew
  • Through fixing - Lowers in place cost