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Brad Point BitsBrad Point Drill Bits (3-16mm)

Brad point bits are appropriate for drilling in both hard and soft wood, as well as ply and veneers. These are standard two-flute bits with extremely sharp centring tips and shoulder cutters. These features ensure a precise start to drilling, fast drilling progress, and tear-free results.


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  • Brad Point Drill Bits  

What are Brad Point Drills?

Also known as “lip and spur drill bits”, these accessories are available in diameters from 3mm to 16mm. They have a variety of different working lengths, and are compatible with most brands of power tools.

We mostly stock Bosch spur point bits, but we also have DeWalt bits in a special kit. We are an Approved Distributor for both of these brands, so you can be certain of receiving official-brand accessories and the best customer service.

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