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Bosch FREE 18V Starter Set Offer!

Claim a FREE 18V starter set from Bosch when you buy at least 3x 18V tools in a single transaction that is over £719.99 inc.VAT between the 1st July - 31st December 2022! The starter set contains a 5.5Ah ProCore battery, a 4Ah ProCore battery and a GAL 1880 CV quick charger. See the full range of qualifying tools above.

Note: Bosch are also running a free battery promotion where you can claim a battery with every 18V tool you buy over £159.99 inc.VAT. You can only participate in one promotion. E.g. If you buy 3x 18V tools in a single transaction that is over £719.99 and each individual tool is over £159.99, then you can either claim a starter set from this promotion or 3x batteries from the other promotion. You can't claim both. See the other promotion here.

Claiming your starter set is easy:

1. Buy your Bosch tools online or in store between the 1st July - 31st December 2022

2. Register your tools for Bosch's extended 3 year warranty on their website here within 4 weeks of purchase. You'll need to create a user profile first if you don't already have one.

3. Once you've registered your tools for the extended warranty, you'll be able to fill in a starter set claim form

4. Bosch will send your starter set directly to you. Please note that due to high demand it can take a while to receive your battery.

This promotion is run by Bosch. If you're having any problems with your claim then you can email them at

Bosch Free 18V Starter Set

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