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Circular Saws and Plunge Saws

What is the difference between a Circular Saw and a Plunge Saw?

Bosch Circular Saw in action with dust extractionBoth circular saws and plunge saws are designed to cut wood, but with an appropriate blade you can also use them to cut masonry, plastic and metal. They are generally held in the hand when used, but most models you can also mount on a stand or table to enable a wider range of uses.

What makes a plunge saw different to a circular saw is its spring-loaded riving knife, also known as a spacer wedge.

Riving knives sit behind the blade, stopping the material being cut from pinching the blade and causing kickback when doing rip cuts. The riving knife has to be removed from a standard corded circular saw to allow it to make plunge cuts, as it prevents the blade from plunging straight down into the material.

However, on a plunge saw it is spring-loaded. This means that the material pushes it upwards and out of the way when the initial cut is made. Then it slips back down and into the cut as the saw moves forwards. This is a worthwhile safety feature on a plunge saw. It also saves you time if you are doing plunge cuts or rip cuts on a regular basis.

How Do I Choose Which Saw I Need?

Here are a few factors to consider when you are choosing from our selection:-

  • Weight: how often and for how long will you be using the saw, and will the weight affect your ability to perform the tasks?
  • Cutting flexibility: does the blade diameter and saw construction enable you to cut as deeply as you need to? You should also consider how well each machine is capable of cutting flush against a wall if you may need it to perform this task in future.
  • Power: consider the motor and torque, and ensure that they are both high enough to cut through the materials you will be working with. 
  • Guide rail system: you can buy a plunge saw with guide rail on many of our models. Consider your rail requirements, and compatibility with any rails that you currently own.
  • Safety: what features does the circular saw have in place to protect the user, machine and material?

Are you Looking For Cordless?

The cordless versions can offer you a safer option because there aren't any cables to cause a trip hazard. Some offer 36V power as well which means you can achieve the same level of power as these mains powered ones. You can find our cordless circular saws here.

Do you need blades?

If you are looking for circular saw accessories we have a vast range of TCT blades. There are a variety of brands and sizes to suit your application.

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