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Clamps, Locks, Straps & Ties

Bessey Clamps

What is a clamp?

Clamps are fastening devices that are used to strengthen or hold things together/in place. They can be used on a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, pipes, edges, angles and flooring. There are many different types and sizes of clamp available, each with varying purposes and applications; be it for general use with particular materials or to make specific tasks quicker and easier.

What clamps do we stock?

Some of the clamps available within our range include sash clampsg-clampstoggle clampsquick clampsu-clamps and hand clamps. There is a choice between our more basic models at great prices and our more expensive models which offer great efficiency and durability improvements. Whatever the type or purpose; these devices ultimately aim to provide more precise and better quality results when conducting tasks.

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