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Dust Extractors and Vacuum Cleaners

What is the difference between a Dust Extractor and a Vacuum Cleaner?

Power tools create a lot of wood and masonry dust when used. This is problematic not just because it creates a mess, but also because the dust can be harmful when inhaled and it impairs the user's view of the work area which can cause accidents.

Dust extractors and vacuum cleaners are both great for ensuring that your work space remains clean and safe, however they do fulfill slightly different needs.

The vacuum cleaners that we supply are really just larger, more robust versions of the hoovers that you would use around your home. Most of these models are suitable for wet and dry use, and come packaged with a variety of nozzles and attachments for greater flexibility.

Our range of dust extractors can be attached directly to the dust extraction port on power tools; removing and collecting the vast majority of dust particles the moment they are created, allowing users to work in a safer and cleaner environment.

Some dust extractors also fulfill the same purposes of a vacuum cleaner and are called vacuum extractors. These machines feature both a nozzle set and power tool take-off.

How do i decide which machine i need?

You should consider the following aspects before choosing your desired model:

  • Capability: What dust class do you want? How much suction power do you need? Do you require a wet and dry machine or dry-only?
  • Capacity: How much dust will the extractor hold? How often will you need to empty it?
  • Attachments: How many do you need (if any) and what types?
  • Ease-of-use: This includes features like automatic filter cleaning, filling stops and automatic shut-off, manoeuvrability and container design.

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