We have a great range of general-purpose hand tools from the top trade brands. Our range includes:

  • Tape measures and rules: For precise measuring and marking straight lines.
  • Spirit levels: Indicate how level (horizontal) or plumb (vertical) a surface is.
  • Clamps, straps, ties and locks: Keep objects in place and prevent them from moving.
  • Pliers and cutters: Grip small objects, bend wires and carry out small cutting tasks.
  • Hand saws: For small sawing and cutting tasks.
  • Screwdrivers: Drive screws.
  • Wrenches: Turn objects like nuts and bolts.
  • Hammers: Drive nails and break objects apart.
  • Riveters: Fasten two workpieces together with rivets.
  • Wire brushes: Clean hard surfaces, e.g. remove rust and paint from metal.
  • Depth gauges: Precisely set the height of saw blades and router cutters.

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