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Petrol & LPG Generators

Petrol Generators

What Features are Available Within our Range of Generators?

  • Dual-fuel (petrol and LPG) or petrol-only: Honda's LPG generators are generally cleaner, safer, more user-friendly and cheaper to run than other machine types. (Full details of this model type can be found here)
  • AVR and inverter: Super-stable power enables you to work with variable loads (e.g. power tools) and sensitive electronics (e.g. computers) without damaging them.
  • Quiet/super-silent: Safer and more comfortable when working in areas which require low noise levels, such as offices or events.
  • Suitcase: Small and compact generators with a completely enclosed design. Ideal for leisurely use when camping or boating.
  • Open-frame: Rugged and reliable with a focus on value-for-money. Perfect for use on construction sites.
  • Portable: Either lightweight or equipped with special handles and wheels to make transportation a breeze.

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