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Magnetic Drills

Magnetic Drill (Mag Drill)

What is a Mag Drill?

A magnetic drill is generally used to drill holes in steel and other metals. When using a stationary drill press, it can be difficult and time-consuming to manoeuvre large workpieces into position. However, mag drills can be used in any position: vertical, horizontal or overhead. This makes this portable power tool extremely useful on job sites, particularly within construction and engineering applications.

What Range is Available at Kelvin Power Tools?

We provide an array of high quality mag drills from top brands, including Alfra and Metabo. Models are available in 110V or 240V, and we also offer a variety of drill bits in different sizes to suit your tool.

How Do I Choose the Right Model?

There are a few things to consider when deciding which Alfra or Metabo mag drill is best for you:

  • Capacity: What hole size, both in diameter and depth, is the tool capable of drilling?
  • Power: How fast do you need the machine to work and how much will it be working?
  • Durability: Will you be working in very tough conditions and is the tool capable of withstanding them?
  • Weight: Check how heavy the drill is and make sure it will be suitable for prolonged use.
  • Safety: This includes elements such as cooling, holding power, and overload protection.

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