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Body-Only Cordless Power Tools

What are bare tools?

Bare tools, or naked tools, are exactly the same as their regular, full-kit counterparts, except they are supplied without batteries or a charger.

Most people only require two batteries for their cordless tool kit; one to power the machine that they are using and one as a spare to use when the first battery is charging. If you purchase five tools, then you could end up with ten batteries, which is an excessive amount that you likely won't use.

If you have an existing tool kit with batteries and a charger, then bare tools are the perfect economical solution for you!

Why should i purchase a Bare Tool?

Naked tools allow you to build a tool kit without being overrun by unneeded batteries and chargers. A body-only tool is cheaper to purchase, which helps keep your costs down - you don't want to pay for a full price kit if you only need the bare tool!

Some of our naked tools also come packaged in cases, which saves you from having to spend time sourcing the cases on their own.

Looking for the full version tool?

If you need the complete power tool with its battery and charger, then click through to our home page and have a look through our various power tool categories to find what you need. Use the search bar at the top of the page for quicker results!

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