At Kelvin Power Tools, we offer a range of additional extras and combo pack options for our cordless power tool range.

Cordless tool kits allow you to buy a number of power tools at a bargain price and ensure 100% compatibility across a manufacturer's range. Our range of accessories also offers many ideal extras which you can add to our conventional kits.

Naked Tools

You will find our bare tools section above, where you can purchase a power tool without any batteries. Normally, that would seem strange. However, as most of our customers know, if you already have a set of power tools, you will likely also have spare batteries.

Other Cordless Products

We provide a range of other useful cordless products, like vacuum cleaners, LED lighting including flood lamps and site lights, and site radios which can also be used as chargers.

Metabo Pick and Mix

As a Metabo Power Partner, we are offering you a brand new way to buy power tools. Our Metabo pick and mix option allows you to customize your own Metabo power tool or kit. You can choose which power tool you need, what battery and charger kit you want, and then add any accessories like storage boxes or bags.

This option allows you to create a much more personal set-up that suits your needs and trade more specifically. It also offers you better value for money as you are able to buy exactly what you need without having to put together a kit from multiple purchases.

Contact us 

At Kelvin Power Tools, our experts are always happy to help! If you have any questions or need some advice, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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