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Paslode Nails and Staples Packs

Looking for Paslode Nails?

We recommend you use only genuine Paslode nails with your Paslode nail guns. Copy versions cause poor tool performance, faster wear and tear, and potential health and safety issues. At Kelvin Power Tools we only stock official nail fuel packs from Paslode at excellent prices!

Paslode IM350 vs IM360Ci

The key difference between the IM350 vs IM360Ci is they use different type of nails. Be sure you choose the right nails to suit each machine. All the nail fuel pack descriptions will tell you which nail gun they suit. There are several versions of the IM350 but they all use the same nails. We have an expert team here at Kelvin Power Tools and we're more than happy to help if you need us!

Paslode Nails for Indoors and Outdoor Use

These nails come in a number of different styles with various coatings offering different levels of protection against corrosion. All Paslode nails are CE marked which guarantees the specification stated on the pack. 

Types include Stainless steel which are rated for Service Class 1, 2 and 3 meaning they are suitable for use inside and outside both protected and unprotected. Galv-Plus, hot-dipped galvanised and Bright nails offer varying degrees of corrosion resistance giving a full range for both indoor and outdoor use.

Paslode also offer a choice of nail types such as smooth, unilock, ring shank and positive placement all designed for specific applications found every day within the construction industry.

Paslode Staples

We have divergent point staples available, which are compatible with the IM200 / 50 S16. This type of staple has legs that fasten in opposite directions to increase the strength of fix while reducing the depth to which the staple is embedded in the material. Paslode staples are widely used for fencing and flooring applications.

Paslode Approved Service Centre

At Kelvin Power Tools, we are a Paslode Approved Service Centre as well as a Supplier. So if your nailer is faulty or is due for a service we can offer you a UK wide collect and return service. Full details of our Paslode Repair Service here


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