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Sander Polishers and Burnishers

Polishers and Burnishers

What is a Sander Polisher?

A sander polisher adopts a powerful rotating motion with low vibration, allowing it to spin a buffing pad in a clockwise direction. This power tool is comfortable to use for long periods of time and is ideal for cleaning, sanding and polishing a variety of different surfaces.

What is a Burnisher?

A burnisher is a high-speed rotary machine with a horizontally rotating head. A large, round burnishing pad attaches to this rotating head, which allows it to spin in a circle in one direction. This power tool is perfect for use on steel and wood, and creates more of a “wet look” on surfaces.

What Can I Find in the Sander Polisher/Burnisher Range?

We stock a variety of Bosch and Metabo sander polishers and burnishers in both 110V and 240V. These models are available both online and in-store.

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