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Wood Routers

Router CutsWhat is a Wood Router?

A wood router has a wide range of possible uses in woodworking applications. It can hollow out an area in the face of a wooden workpiece, shaping, edging and trimming. The variety of jigs and bits available means that a wood router can produce dovetails, mortises, dados, rabbets, and more, as illustrated in the image to the right.

How do i decide which woodwork router i need?

It can be difficult to choose which wood router you want because there is so many to choose from or so little between them. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a wood router:-

  • Plunge RoutersGrip and control: the choice between various handle types is mostly down to personal preference, but it is worth consider which grip gives you the most control and if there is enough flexibility and control for the tasks you have in mind
  • Power: is the machine capable of working as hard and as quickly as you need it to, and can it complete all of the required tasks?
  • Availability of guides and jigs: if you plan on using your router for a wide range of tasks it is best to research the compatible pieces of kit in advance
  • Accuracy: how accurate are the various measurements, and how easy is it to set them?
  • Ease of use: does the tool have features like soft start, depth stops, and dust extraction?

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