SDS Drill Bits and SDS Chisels

There are two main types of SDS accessories available; SDS-Plus and SDS-Max. Our SDS-Plus range is for smaller hammers between 2-5kg, whereas SDS-Max is for larger hammers over 5kg. Our selection of SDS accessories each have a special shank which enables greater power and efficiency when drilling masonry and concrete.

Within each range, there is an array of both drill bits and chisels to choose from. There are numerous different chisel types available, including tile removing chisels, point chisels, spade chisels, gouging chisels, comb chisels and flat chisels. Our SDS-Plus drill bits feature diameters between 5-30mm, while our SDS-Max selection varies between 12-35mm. Both accessories are also available in a number of different lengths.

We only stock SDS accessories from the best trade brands, including BoschDeWalt and Spit. All of our SDS drill bits and chisels are compatible with our range of SDS-Plus and SDS-Max drills from any brand. We are approved suppliers for each of the manufacturers that we stock, therefore you can rest assured that you are receiving a high quality product when you buy from us.

What is SDS?

Bosch SDS drill bits were developed in the 1970's for use with hammer drills and are generally used for heavy-duty jobs where extra power is required. All SDS accessories have special shank designs consisting of two or three open grooves held by driving wedges and two closed grooves held by locking balls or segments.

When using standard masonry bits and chisels, the whole chuck has to be moved to create the hammer action. However, with an SDS shank, the bit moves backwards and forwards inside the chuck to add to the hammer action. This means that the bit can be hammered much harder, which requires less force and makes it easier to work with tougher materials.

Another advantage of SDS masonry bits and chisels is the speed at which they can be changed; you simply push the bit into the chuck and it locks automatically. And removing it is just as easy; you simply pull the release ring or push a button to disengage the locking mechanism.

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