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Electric Shears and Nibblers

Electric ShearWhat are the differences between Electric Shears and electric Nibblers?

Electric shears work like a pair of scissors, with two planes that meet to slice the metal. This means that there is a relatively clean cut with very little material wastage, but a higher degree of material distortion on one side of the material. See the top image to the right for a diagram of this machine.

An electric nibbler makes its cuts with a die that punches a series of holes in the material. Although the cut is much less clean and there is more material wastage, cutting with this tool results in much less material distortion. The image to the right illustrates how electric nibblers makes their cuts.


Electric ShearHow do i choose which electric metal shears or electric nibbler i need?

Having trouble picking a tool? Here are some important features to think about when choosing which electric nibbler or electric shears you need:-

  • Grip: is the size and coating going to allow comfortable usage for the length of time required?
  • Power: how quickly will it the required materials?
  • Flexibility: what material thicknesses can be cut, and in what directions? What is the curve radius?
  • View of cutting path: the clearer the view, the easier and more accurate the cut.
  • Ease of cutting tool changing.

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