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Cordless Metal Shears

What Are Metal Shears? Cordless Metal Shears 1

Metal shears are suitable for use on metal only and function in a way that is similar to a pair of scissors. The tool has two planes which meet to slice the metal, resulting in very little material wastage and a relatively clean cut, however there is some distortion. See the image on the right for an illustration.

What Are Universal Shears?

Universal shears are a little different. They use a slightly rounded blade and can cut many different materials apart from metal, including carpet and PVC. See the image on the bottom right for an illustration.

How Do I Choose Which cordless shears I Need?

Universal Shears

  • Grip: Will the shears be comfortable enough to use for the length of time that you intend?
  • Power: How quickly will the tool cut the required materials?
  • Flexibility: What materials and thickness can be cut?
  • View of cutting path: Do the shears allow a clear view of the cutting path? The better the view, the easier and more accurate the cut.

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