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TCT Saw Blades for Circular, Table and Mitre Saws

Bosch Circular Saw Blades

What type of Circular Saw Blades do we have?

Our range includes TCT circular saw blades, TCT mitre saw blades and TCT table saw blades in sizes ranging from 160mm diameter to 315mm diameter. Each manufacturer has different models, which are each uniquely suited to particular applications. Fine cut sawblades enable you to make precise, clean cuts, whilst coarse cut TCT blades are better suited to fast and/or rough rip cuts and cross cuts.

- Bosch Circular Saw Blades

The Bosch TCT saw blade range contains the Optiline Wood, Speedline Wood, Multi Material and Construct Wood options. Each designed to suit a specific material and application.

- Trend Saw Blades

We have the Trend CraftPro range of circular saw blades which offer a great quality of cut and an affordable price. There's a variety of diameters to suit your saw and your material. We have Trend crosscut blades as well.

Circular saw blades max recommended RPMAre you using the blade at the right speed?

Each blade has a recommended maximum speed to use it at, based on it's diameter. Exceeding the max RPM can be a safety risk to the user. It's also important for maintaining the quality of the blade, how well it cuts, and how long the blade is going to last you. The table on the right shows the recommended max RPM for each size of blade.

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