Paslode Service & Repair Testimonial – Andrew Bone, Uckfield, East Sussex

January 13th, 2016

“Having had our nail gun serviced locally at great expense and not very well, we found Kelvin Power Tools on-line.
I was amazed at the service. Collection arranged, service carried out, including a phone call and returned, all in 4 days.
It took nearly 2 weeks locally.”

Andy Bone
Martlet Builders


See Kelvin Power Tools’ Certified Paslode Repair Service

Christmas 2015: Closing and Delivery Deadlines

December 16th, 2015

Christmas Closing and Delivery Deadlines

Christmas is upon us once again! We’re going to be closed over the festive period like most of the construction industry. So if you need anything from us to be delivered before Christmas please take note of our closure and delivery deadlines below.

We are closing: Wednesday 23rd December @ 5pm

We are re-opening: Tuesday 5th January @ 8am

For delivery before Christmas:
for an In-Stock product showing “Next Day Delivery”
Place your order by 2pm Tuesday 22th December

We cannot guarantee to an absolute certainty that you will receive your order before Christmas given how busy the courier will be at this time of year. The earlier you order the better.

For all other products (that display “3-4 Days” delivery) we cannot predict when it will be delivered. It will be a case by case basis depending on when you order.

All Orders placed after 2pm Wednesday 23rd December:
Won’t be processed/dispatched until Tuesday 5th January

We hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays… Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!

Paslode Service & Repair Testimonial – Charlie Wright, Lincolnshire

November 26th, 2015

“You did a great job, from the moment I got in touch with you a quick swift service, with plenty of communication.  From arranging the collection of our nail gun, letting us know the repair bill before doing any work and finally returning the repaired item in a much better condition than it was sent, and for a very reasonable price.

Thank you very much. I would definitely have no hesitation in using you again.”

Charlie Wright


See Kelvin Power Tools’ Certified Paslode Repair Service

Bosch Bonus Bang – Get Cash Back on Bosch power tools!

October 8th, 2015

Bosch Bonus Bang promo
Bosch Bonus Bang Bonanza – Cash Back Offer

How would you like some cash back the next time you buy a Bosch power tool?

You can do just that with the Bosch Bonus Bang Promotion. There’s between £15 and £50 cash back on each tool you buy. You can’t argue with that!

Which tools can I get cash back on?

Bosch are providing this offer through their free mobile app, where you can see the range of tools and kits that have cash back available. Plus new lines will be added each month, so keep an eye out for more deals.

See All Cash Back Products


How to get your cash back

1. First Download the FREE Bosch Toolbox app to your Android device or iPhone

2. Create a profile (quick and easy)

3. Use the app to take a photo of your receipt and send it to Bosch

4. Soon after you’ll have up to £50 cash back per tool straight in your bank account


Cashback Terms & Conditions

  • Only 1 cashback claim allowed per product
  • Tool must be purchased and the claim must be redeemed between 1/01/16 and 31/03/16
  • Offer only available on specified Bosch tools (10 digit part number must be specified on invoice)
  • Claims can only be made via the Bosch Toolbox app
  • Cash back may take up to 28 days

This is a great offer for you to take advantage over the next few months, so don’t miss out. If you want any help trying to claim for this offer, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a hand.

John Pinner – Paslode Service & Repair – Birmingham

September 16th, 2015

I had trouble finding somewhere local to me in Birmingham that would carry out a repair to my Paslode gun. so had a look on line for repairers and Kelvin power tools came up along with another company. I decided to use Kelvin because the web site looked professional so it gave me confidence to send my expensive gun to you, and only £10 to collect and deliver it back to me. It was collected and delivered when you said it would be, so no hanging around waiting for someone to turn up.

The service i received from you was first class and i would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to others.

Thank you


Check out our Paslode Repair Service

How to Choose a Generator – 5 Top Tips You Need to See!

September 9th, 2015

How to Choose a Generator

Choosing a generator for home, site, or office use can be tough. There are so many different brands, fuel types, power ratings, and types of generator on the market! You can end up tying yourself in knots trying to figure them out.

We can’t make the choice for you, but we can give you five easy to follow tips that can help you on your way. So read on to discover the different variables you will need to consider when making your choice!

Tip 1 – Work out the maximum power level you will require

“What size generator do I need?” is one of the most common questions we hear from shoppers, but figuring this out is not as complicated as it might look.

Simply add up the maximum required wattage of everything that the generator will be powering. This includes starting and running wattages. Check the owner’s manual or ID plate on the appliance itself to find these figures. Now you just need to make sure that the generator’s output matches or, preferably, slightly exceeds these requirements. Easy!

Generator sizing varies substantially. The smallest models are around 1000w and amazingly portable, which makes them perfect for very mobile use with low-power tasks. Although generators can reach staggering heights of power, this also makes them reach staggering heights in size! The highest power level you’ll want to consider for home, office, or site use is around 7000w. This is enough for a whole range of high-power tasks.

Honda GeneratorAs well as the overall power rating, also consider other elements such as the quantity and voltage of power outlets. If you will be using a generator for power tools on site, you will need 110v outlets. Most home appliances use 240v.

Finally, don’t forget to consider future possibilities; you don’t want to be forced to buy another generator in a year’s time to match your new, more powerful microwave!

Tip 2 – Choose the most appropriate fuel

Generators run on three main types of fuel: petrol, diesel, and LPG. Choosing which fuel is best for you is the first stage in deciding which generator to buy.

Petrol is the most commonly-used fuel, as it is the most commonly-available and well-known. The downsides are its short shelf life of around 12 months, its comparative inefficiency, and the dangers associated with storing and using a flammable fuel. It is also the least-ideal fuel type for use in very cold conditions.

Diesel is most suitable for powering larger generators above 5kW, so it is very uncommon to find in smaller models. It generally provides the lowest operating costs and longest storage time. It can also be used in very cold temperatures when combined with a certain additive.

However, diesel generators are very noisy, environmentally unfriendly, and only really effective when run at consistently heavy loads.

Propane/LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) generators are much cleaner than petrol and diesel models. They are also safer to refuel, as you only need to connect a new cylinder rather than fill a hot fuel tank. Furthermore, you can achieve significantly longer run times by using larger LPG cylinders.

LPG has an almost limitless shelf-life, making it the ideal fuel if your generator will be infrequently used. However, LPG generators are often converted from petrol models, which can make them more expensive to buy.

Tip 3 – Ensure that the generator is suitable for powering the required tools, appliances and electronics

Honda EU30iS Inverter GeneratorAt first glance, this may seem very similar to Tip 2. After all, 3kW of power is 3kW of power, right? Wrong!

Different generators produce power with different levels of “smoothness”. It is important to make sure that you don’t end up paying for technology you don’t need or, worse, damaging your appliances or electronics with power fluctuations.

Standard generators provide somewhat unstable power that suffers from spikes and drops as the load changes. This is generally not a problem when it only results in flickering lights, but the fluctuations can cause damage to high-tech tools, appliances and electronics such as computers.

Manufacturers have solved this problem by including special electronics that smooth out the power. There are different levels of power smoothing: AVR (automatic voltage regulation) and Inverter technology. AVR is a great cost-effective option, but Inverter technology provides the smoothest power. Inverter generators are ideal for people with a higher budget, who require a compact design and use the most sensitive electronics.

Tip 4 – Consider the environment in which the generator will be used

Sometimes you will have little choice in the ruggedness of your generator, as the required power and technology will limit your options. If you’ve got a large list to choose from however, then the required durability can be a good way of narrowing it down.

Will you be lugging your generator around a wet and dirty construction site? Will it be at risk of being knocked about and splattered with building materials? Open-frame models are generally most able to put up with abuse, but there are also “endurance” models which will provide you with long runtime as well as durability.

Honda EC3600 Open-Frame Generator

Tip 5 – Be prepared to balance cost and feature-richness

Generators are pretty expensive machines, but it is possible to get a rough-and-rugged model on a budget. However, these low-cost models will often be very basic in terms of the features that they can offer you. Many of you will have already been forced to rule out a budget model due to the power levels or power stability required, but for the rest of you this is the last major consideration.

There are many usability features that you may decide are worth paying for:

  • Electric start makes starting the machine quick and easy
  • Switchable voltage allows you to power both 110v and 240v electricals
  • EcoThrottle can help you to manage fuel in an economic and environmentally-friendly manner
  • Circuit breaker protects you and your generator in the event of a fault when using the power outlets
  • Handles, wheels, and other attachments can help you to move the generator around with much more ease

Portable Honda Generator


When you ask yourself “what generator do I need?” there are five key things to keep in mind:

1) The type of fuel the generator uses can affect initial and running costs, cleanliness, reliability, safety, and runtime.

2) The required output is important, but easy to work out. Simply calculate maximum required wattage of your various appliances, tools, and electronics.

3) Sensitive electronics require special AVR or Inverter technology to run safely.

4) Durability is a key factor for many people who will be using their generator for long periods in tough conditions.

5) Extra features will cost you more, but can save you a great deal of time, effort, and even money in the long run.

As long as you give each of these points careful consideration, you are sure to buy the right generator for your needs! Now that you’re ready to start the decision process, why not check out our Honda generators as a good starting point?

The New Festool HK 55 and HK 85 Circular Saws

September 3rd, 2015

Festool have just announced brand new circular saws due for release from October 2015.

The HK 55 and the HK 85 portable circular saws.

Festool say the HK55 is to be released at the start of October, while the HK85 should be released soon after. These new portable saws follow on from Festool’s HKC 55 cordless version which was released earlier in the year.

Festool HK saw collection

About the Festool HK55 and HK85

The Festool HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws are designed for versatility in timber construction. They allow for accurate cross cutting in conjunction with the FSK420 guide rail system. You can cross cut material up to 55mm with the HK 55 and up to 85mm with the HK 85. They both have powerful, high torque motors with power electronics to provide constant power when sawing. Festool have more details about the products on their website:

More details on the HK55  ||  More details on the HK85

Try the new HK55 and HK85 for yourself!

Do you fancy getting your hands on these new saws? At Kelvin Power Tools, we are hosting a Festool Demo Day in-store on the 10th September 2015. So you can get a hands-on demonstration of these brand new tools and try them for yourself! Feel free to come to our store in Glasgow.

Festool HK55 circular saw in action

Festool HK55 circular saw

Festool HK85 circular saw in action

Festool HK85 circular saw

Nicola Maher – Paslode Service & Repair – London

September 3rd, 2015

This is the 2nd time we have used Kelvin Power Tools for Paslode repairs and would recommend them to anyone.  The service is exceptional and the delivery and collection of the items is excellent.

Kind regards,


Check out our Paslode Repair Service

Edward Longhorn – Paslode Service & Repair – Leeds

August 24th, 2015

Thanks for everything, very happy with what you have done. Will have no trouble recommending your company to anybody!

Thank you again,


Check out our Paslode Repair Service

Get a Demo of the Bosch GRL 500 HV Rotation Laser Level

August 17th, 2015

Bosch GRL 500 Rotation Laser

We are offering full product demos of the
Bosch Professional GRL 500 HV Rotation Laser
Either in-store at Kelvin Power Tools or on site anywhere in the UK!

We can arrange for a Bosch representative to give you an in-depth look at what the GRL 500 can do
and how it can make your levelling jobs a whole lot easier.

GRL 500 HV Laser with remote

The remote for the Bosch GRL 500 doubles as the receiver

What is the Bosch GRL 500?

The Bosch Professional GRL 500 is a Line Laser Level designed for construction site use. It has a working range of 500m (in diameter) which is ideal for all outdoor levelling jobs. This is the first All-in-One solution with rotation laser, remote control and receiver as one integrated piece of kit.

This impressive integration helped it win the Red Dot award 2015 which recognises excellence in product design.

Key Features of the Bosch GRL 500 Laser

Theft protection – with visual and audio alarm at both the laser and receiver. Plus the rotation laser only functions via the remote so theft is pointless.

Slope function – Enter slope values directly and precisely in increments of 0.1%. Easy to use with the remote’s keypad and visual display. Plus there’s an automatic slope detection.

Robust design – The laser has a metal protective cage, ‘IP56’ dust and splash protection, and it’s built to withstand drops from 1m

GRL 500 HV Laser Theft Protection system

The Bosch GRL 500 Laser has a Theft Protection system

Calibration Reminder – The GRL 500 has time, temperature and shock detectors. So it knows when you may need to re-calibrate the laser level, e.g. when the tool has been switched off for prolonged periods, stored in the wrong temperature, or after a drop or fall.

Simultaneous and fast charging for both laser and remote – The remote is charged with the laser like so (see image). 20 minutes for 4 hours use, 1 hour for 60% charged and 3 hours for 100% charged.

Use VerticallyThe GRL-500-HV version can be used for vertical levelling as well as horizontal.

Arrange a Demo now and try the GRL500H/HV for yourself

Bosch GRL500 charges simultaneously

The whole GRL500 kit charges simultaneously

We can provide a full product demonstration of this professional laser level with our Bosch representative. If you’re interested in learning more about the product and seeing it in action, get in touch with us. We can either demonstrate it at our Glasgow store or on location anywhere in the UK.

Reach us via to and we’ll be happy to set it all up for you!