Dennis Geddes – Paslode Service & Repair – Northampton

March 9th, 2015

I was very impressed with the whole service with Kelvin Power Tools from been given a date and time for the courier to collect and return my nail gun, and the communication was excellent throughout the whole repair service. Many thanks, would definitely recommend Kelvin Power Tools.

Kind regards,
Dennis Geddes

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Tarren Daden – Paslode Service & Repair – London

March 5th, 2015

Yes the service I received was 1st class !! No faults what so ever and you kept me informed.

Your collection & delivery service for £10 is great value and saves me losing a day at work taking the gun to be repaired.

I have already recommended Kelvin Power Tools to  everyone I know !

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks,
Tarren Daden

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Andrew Speakman – Paslode Service & Repair – Maidenhead, Berks

March 2nd, 2015

I have been entirely satisfied with the service received from Kelvin Power Tools. Fast, efficient and friendly service. I will be using them again.

Andrew Speakman
Speakman Roofing Contractor

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Mandy Smith – Paslode Service & Repair – Boston, Lincs

February 25th, 2015

We were very pleased with your service, and the very quick turn around on our repair.

Mandy Smith

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Stay Safe on Site: Hand Arm Vibration

January 28th, 2015

Hand Arm Vibration

There are many health and safety issues relevant to the construction industry. Working at height, operating plant and machinery, and wearing the correct PPE are just a few, but one of the most important issues is that of hand arm vibration.

The results of Hand-Arm-Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) may not be as sudden or as devastating as an injury caused by a fall or an accident with a piece of heavy machinery, but they are just as important. The effects of over-exposure to high vibration levels can still have a serious and life-long impact. This damage is preventable, but once the damage is done it is permanent.

What is Hand-Arm-Vibration Syndrome?

The Symptoms

When using power tools or machinery regularly for long periods of time, the vibration levels begin to have an effect on your body. Your hands may begin to tingle, or you may feel pins and needles or numbness. But these short-term sensations are not the only effects. You may even feel no short-term effects at all for months or even years, but still be at risk of long-term damage.

If you are exposed to these high vibration levels for too long they begin to damage your blood vessels by narrowing them, thereby restricting the circulation to the fingers. Vibration levels can also damage your nerves, muscles, bones and joints. This can eventually lead to severe pain, loss of sensation in your extremities, fingers going white due to certain everyday triggers, reduced grip strength, fine motor control problems, and involuntary muscle spasms.

Vibration White Finger

The hand of someone with VWF

These are the classic symptoms of Vibration White Finger (VWF), which is the most common form of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. These symptoms can come and go, but are very often permanent. VWF is a secondary form of Raynaud’s Syndrome.

It is also possible for hand-arm vibration to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), due to the entrapment or compression of nerves in the wrist. Symptoms of this nerve disorder include pain, tingling, numbness and weakness in parts of the hand. CTS can also be caused by repetitive gripping and twisting motions.

The Consequences

The lack of strength, sensation and control in your hands and fingers due to HAVS makes it too dangerous for you to use power tools, leaving you unable to work and earn a living.

Not only that, but the damage may also stop you from performing many leisure activities like gardening. The damage may even prevent you from something as simple as watching outdoor sports, as the cold could provoke a painful attack.

It is clear to see the hand-arm vibration exposure can ruin your quality of life. It is therefore very important to make sure that you do not end up another one of its many victims.

Which tools and tasks are likely to cause a problem for me?

You are at risk of developing HAVS when using power tools, or holding workpieces that are being processed by stationary machinery. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the most common tools that put users at risk:

>  Chainsaws

>  Grinders (all types and sizes, e.g. angle, die, straight, etc.)

>  Hand-fed equipment (e.g. pedestal linishers, grinders)

>  Impact drills

>  Scaling hammers, including needle scalers

>  Pedestrian controlled equipment including mowers, floor saws, floor polishers

>  Powered hammers for chipping, demolition, road breaking etc.

>  Sanders and polishers

>  Hand-held saws for concrete, metal, ground clearance etc.

(Source PDF)

And the risk of using these tools may be greater than you realise. Regular and frequent use of modern, well-designed, well-maintained hammer-action tools is likely to result in risk after just 15 minutes. This risk becomes critical after one hour of use. For non-hammer-action tools the risk begins at one hour of usage, and becomes critical at roughly four hours of use. (Source PDF).

Make sure that you always check the manufacturer’s vibration figures, so that you know exactly when you are at risk.

Do Power Tool Manufactures Make Tools To Help Mitigate the risk?

As more research into the causes and effects of HAVS has been done and technology has improved, many manufacturers have begun to produce products specifically designed to combat the effects and increase your safety at work.

Metabo VibraTechSince 2005, Metabo’s “VibraTech” anti-vibration handle has been included as standard with all angle grinders. Thanks to the cushioning zone created by the large volume of elastomer material inside the VibraTech handle, the operator suffers up to 60% less hand-arm-vibration. This substantial and noticeable reduction in vibration levels allows you to work longer and more effectively, using less force and producing more precise results.

Makita’s “AVT” technology is another good way to reduce the risk of injury. The AVT mechanism works by transferring air around a series of chambers, which causes a counterbalance to be pushed in the opposite direction of the piston. This cancels out the vibrations that would otherwise have been caused by the piston.

Some Makita AVT tools also feature shock-absorbing handles for extra protection. As vibrations travel down the handle, it is shifted in all directions thanks to a ball joint that functions as a fulcrum. The rubber dampeners then soak up this movement, which in turn lowers the vibration levels that are transferred to the user.

Makita AVT

Most manufacturers now provide a range of tools with varying levels of vibration protection. Though these new anti-vibration tools often cost a little more, they pay for themselves not only by allowing you to work for longer but also by preventing you from suffering the symptoms listed earlier in this article.

What can I do to ensure that my coworkers and I stay safe?

Even if you do purchase an anti-vibration tool, you should still take great care not to exceed the limits on hand-arm vibration.

The Health and Safety Executive has an excellent hand-arm vibration exposure calculator to help you manage your risk, as well as “Ready Reckoner” chart that is simple to use. HSE has also produced a good guide to help you find out everything you need to know about the risks of vibration at work. So make sure that you read up on the facts and learn how to recognise the warning signs!

Finally, here is some basic advice that you should follow when working with power tools to ensure your safety:

Vibration Training>  Always use the right tool for the job, to minimise working time and vibration exposure

>  Check the vibration levels of your power tools, and make sure that you know the recommended maximum usage time

>  Check your tools for wear and damage that could increase their vibration levels

>  Reduce the time you spend continuously operating the tool

>  Encourage good circulation by keeping warm and dry, and exercising your fingers during breaks

Talk to your employer or the HSE if you have any further concerns, and make sure to spread the warning amongst your coworkers to ensure that everyone in construction remains safe and injury-free.



Infographic: The Essential Guide to Bosch Drill Bits

January 14th, 2015

Most of you already know that Bosch have an extensive range of power tools, with names and codes that can be very confusing. Well, it turns out that their accessories are no different! There are many different Bosch drill bit types at different price points, all for different materials and different specific tasks.

Have you ever had a drilling mishap that resulted in a broken bit or damaged materials? Are you often unsatisfied by the speed of your drilling, or the quality of the results? Do you ever wonder if you’re really using the right bit for the job?

Then you need brush up on your knowledge with our Essential Guide to Bosch Drill Bits!


Click the image below to enlarge.

Bosch Drill Bits Infographic


Some Definitions

SDS-plus:  These bits have shanks with 2 open grooves that are held by driving wedges, and 2 closed grooves held by locking balls. This design allows the drill bit to slip in and lock with no tightening needed (it can be released just as easily), which greatly improves efficiency.

The design also allows the bit to move backwards and forwards freely. This means that the chuck does not need to be moved as much, and the drill can therefore provide more power with less effort from the user.

SDS-Max: These drill bits are similar to SDS-Plus, but are for much more heavy-duty machines. They have 3 open grooves instead of 2, and locking segments rather than locking balls. The drill bit still simply slips in and locks without tightening, and still moves backwards and forwards freely.

HSS: This stands for “high speed steel”. Bits made from this material are very hard and have high heat resistance. This allows them to drill into a range of materials including metal, hardwood and hard plastics. They have come to replace carbon steel bits, as they cut at a higher speed.


Based on the rather substantial list above, I think it’s clear that Bosch have an extensive range of drill bits for use in every material. Whatever the task and whatever your priorities, Bosch have a drill bit range to suit.

If your focus is on getting the most bang for your buck, then the basic ranges still pack enough punch to get the job done quickly and to a high standard. If you want to splash out and get the best bit available, then there are many ranges that are jam-packed with features that improve speed, finish, and user-friendliness.

If this post has given you a hankering for some new drill bits, then you can check out our range right here!

What drill bits do you most commonly use, and why?

Christmas Closing Period 2014

December 11th, 2014

Christmas Closing Period

Kelvin Power Tools will be shutting it’s doors for the festive season at 5:00 pm on Tuesday 23rd December, and staff will be over-indulging in mince pies and whisky until our return at 8:00 am on Monday 5th January.

These closing times have obvious implications for our local customers, but our web customers should be aware of several other important dates:

>  Orders must be placed before 2:00pm on Friday 19th December to ensure delivery before Christmas

>  Orders placed after this time and until 2:00pm on Tuesday 23rd December can be shipped this year if requested, but we cannot guarantee that they will be delivered before Christmas

>  Orders placed after the second time and date will be shipped on Monday 5th January

With all the little details out of the way, all that remains is for us to wish our customers a very merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy your R&R, and that we’ll see you all again in the new year.

Top 15 Christmas Gifts for Tradesmen and DIY-Fanatics

December 8th, 2014

Top 15 Christmas Gifts for Tradesmen and DIY Enthusiasts

The festive season is here again.

You’re probably preparing for your yearly adventure into The Dusty Chamber of Forgotten Stuff (i.e. the loft or garage) to reclaim the Christmas decorations, and getting ready to cram the kitchen full of Christmas nibbles and booze. Perhaps you’ve picked out a nice big tree, and now you’re considering exactly how you’re going to get both tree and family home in your car.

With all these other things on your mind, it can be easy to push present-buying aside.

Choosing a present can be hard, after all. “I don’t really know what I want this year” means you’re left blundering around in the dark like a Rudolphless sleigh, but requests aren’t always easier. People might think it’s fine to be vague and ask for “a hammer” for Christmas, but if your knowledge of hammer types only covers early 90’s rappers and the weapons of Norse Gods then you might start to feel like the turkey isn’t the only one who’s stuffed.


It may all sound pretty hopeless, and you may be getting so desperate that you’re considering faking an Amazon receipt and saying that the present “got lost in the post.” But don’t give up just yet. Help is at hand.

Your Christmas miracle is here.

There’s no need to start a fake war with Amazon over a missing present that never existed. If you’re looking for gifts for tradesmen or DIY fanatics, then read on to discover the perfect gift that’ll make their faces light up like a Christmas tree. Who knows, you might even find a few ideas for other difficult friends and relatives!

This Top 15 guide is broken down into three different sections, to give you the best gifts in a variety of price ranges. From big-ticket items that are perfect for your nearest and dearest right through to stocking fillers that will put a smile on your Secret Santa’s face, you’ll find something for everyone right here on this page.

I want to go all out – show me your big ticket items!

The Paslode IM350 Plus Framing NailerPaslode IM350plus

Perfect for: Your son, who is training as a joiner
IM350 Plus: £551.51 inc VAT
IM360Ci: £574.80 inc VAT

This is a gas powered gun that fires nails between 51mm and 90mm in diameter into wood. It is a pretty expensive bit of kit, but it’s an absolutely necessity for any joiner. It makes nailing tasks, especially repetitive ones, so much quicker and easier to complete that it’s worth its weight in gold!

If you want to splash out even more this Christmas, there is the new IM360Ci Paslode framing nailer to consider. It has a whole host of new features that improve usability and reliability, and the new Lithium-ion batteries improve power-to-weight ratio and provide longer runtime. It has yet to outstrip the IM350 Plus in popularity though, so it is perhaps a little more of a risk.

Get The IM350-Plus Here
Get the IM360Ci Here
Metabo TS254 Table Saw

The Metabo TS254 Table Saw

Perfect for: Your woodworker Father, who has a small workshop or needs to be very mobile in his work.
Cost: £544.00 inc VAT
Plus, for a limited time only, get a 2nd blade free when you buy from us!

This has been one of the biggest success tool stories in recent years. Demand was so high for these saws that Metabo worked around the clock to manufacture as many as they could, but still the backorder list kept growing. And when you look at the machine, it’s easy to see why.

The legs are actually attached to the saw body. This may not sound like a big deal, but it’s a real bonus for anyone who is very mobile in their work or works in a small space. The legs simply fold into and unfold away from the body, eliminating the time-consuming process of deconstructing a saw and stand package. These legs take up far less space than a stand too, which makes this saw ideal for anyone who has limited space in their workshop.

Despite its compact design, this 250mm table saw is still very powerful and packed with all the usability and safety features that any tradesman or hobbyist would expect from a professional piece of kit.

Get It Here

A Cordless 18v Power Tool Kit

Perfect for: almost anyone!
Pre-made kits start at: £330.00 inc VATGSB18V-Li GDR18-Li Twin Pack

The majority of tradesmen and DIYers will have need of the basic 18v combi drill and impact driver twinpack, so this is always a good choice. The tools will come with all the basic accessories, and inside a single case that is nice and easy to transport (and wrap!). You can get kits that cost less than the £330 stated above but you have to lose power and runtime, which is why these tools often make the better present.

Almost every brand will have one available, which means that you should check whether your giftee already has a particular brand of tool in their kit. This is not just about brand preference, though – buying more tools from the same brand means better compatibility with pre-existing and future tools.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can give the Metabo Pick&Mix a go. This allows you to build a completely customised cordless kit – tools, batteries, and storage – to suit whatever purpose. So if you know exactly what your giftee needs, then this might be the right choice for you!

View the Range Here
Check out the Metabo Pick&Mix Here

Okay so maybe all out is a bit much – let’s take the budget down a notch…

The Bosch GSB18V-Li Combi Drill with Wireless Charging

Perfect for: Anyone who uses cordless tools in a static
workshop or production environment.
 Wireless Charging in Action18v 2.0Ah Kit: £202.80 inc VAT

This is brand new technology for the power tool market, allowing the user to charge batteries without removing them from the tool as they would normally have to do.

Wireless charging means that the user can top up the battery whilst they’re working. Instead of putting the tool down on a work surface they simply put it down battery-first onto the wireless charging pad, which then tops up the charge during the break in usage.

This means that instead of swapping constantly between multiple batteries, they only need one single back-up battery!

Get It Here

10.8v Cordless Twin/Triple Packs

Kits start at: £129.95

Makita LCT305WThese are great little tools that are useful for a variety of small jobs or jobs in tight spaces, such as installing cupboards. They are so lightweight that your giftee can clip them to their belt in comfort, keeping them handy for any situation. Despite their small size, they still pack a powerful enough punch to complete a range of tasks.

As with the 18v twin packs, there is a lot of choice here – Panasonic, Makita, DeWalt, and Bosch – so it’s worth considering if the giftee already has a particular brand of cordless power tools in their kit.

Get Them Here

Electric Multi-Tools

Cordless from: £166.80 inc VAT
Mains-powered from: £117.00 inc VAT

Available both corded and cordless, these oscillating multi-tools are capable of performing a huge variety of tasks thanks to the immense range of blades available. They work by turning the blade by a fraction around a spindle, creating a very tight cutting or sanding action. This makes them very precise, and capable of performing small and delicate tasks.

Bosch Multi-Tool

Sawing and cutting wood, metal, grout, tile, concrete, plastic, putty, marble, soft materials, and more. Sanding paint, wood, and stone. Rasping mortar and adhesives. Cleaning and polishing a range of surfaces. This tool does it all, so it’s ideal for a person who does it all! Or most of it, at least…

Get Cordless Here
Get Mains-Powered Here

Buckler Safety BootsBuckler Boots

Buckler safety wellies: £64.40 (VAT-free)
Buckler safety sneakers: £54.95 (VAT-free)
Other safety styles from: £52.25 (VAT-free)

Safety boots are hugely important when working on site, as they protect you from dropped items, sharp items on the floor, and from slipping on substances such as water or oil. These boots are the best of the best, providing the wearer with excellent levels of safety as well as all-day comfort.

There are many different styles available. The most popular, especially at this time of year, is the Buckbootz range of wellie boots. There are also safety sneakers available, for a more stylish look, as well as the usual styles like dealer and rigger.

Get Them HereBahco Socket Set

Hand Tool Sets

From: £30.00 inc VAT

Most hobbyists and tradesmen will have sets of hand tools as well as power tools. The likely suspects are spanners, socketry, screwdrivers, chisels, pliers, and files.

So take a poke about in the garage or their tool boxes, see what they use, and buy them a shiny new set!

Start Looking Here

DeWalt Mini MAC Accessory Set

Cost: £42.00 inc VATDeWalt DT9282

This is a great accessory set that contains a range of tools for all sorts of different drilling and screwdriving tasks. Brad point wood bits, flat bits, PZ/PH/SL/T screwdriver bits, magnetic bit holder, and drive guide all come in their own compartments within a tough and compact case.

Get It Here

Show me those stocking fillers!

CT1 sealant and adhesive: From £10.80 inc VAT
This is a sealant like no other. Strong and flexible, it even works underwater.
Check out the full feature list to see why this unique product is #1 on our wishlists!
Get It Here

Buckler protective gloves: £11.99 inc VAT
Lightweight and comfortable but still highly protective, anyone who uses protective gloves
will love this present! These gloves may seem a bit pricey at first, but they’re well worth it.
Get Them Here

Faithfull 61 piece screwdriver set: £10.68 inc VAT
This is a great little set of the most common screwdriver bit types and sizes,
packaged in a tough little case for easy transportation.
Get It Here

Quality tool boxes: from £11.53 inc VAT
Okay, so these are closer to the stocking itself than something that can fill it,
but they’re still a good idea for anyone from a tradesman to the casual DIY-er.
Get Them Here

LED penlight: £11.94 inc VAT
A super-bright light in a compact yet durable package.
Supplied at a great price, with batteries.
Get It Here

Gifts for Tradesmen and DIYSo there we have it!

By now you must have some great ideas for gifts for tradesmen and DIYers in your life, and maybe you even got some ideas for your own wishlist!

Now all you need to do is make sure that you order everything in time for Christmas. The clock’s ticking, so you’d better get a move on. Otherwise next thing you know you’ll be in the supermarket on Christmas Eve, fighting other last-minute shoppers for the last box of knock-off chocolates!

Robert Fitter – Paslode Service & Repair – West Midlands

November 27th, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at kelvin power tools for a fantastic job they did on my 2 paslode guns.

I enquired via their excellent website with a view to a quote for a repair/service of my guns. The guy who i spoke to was excellent, he explained how the service & repairs took place, he arranged for a courier to collect both guns the same day, then he called to let me know that they had received them the same day & how much the repairs were going to cost. Which was more than reasonable.. [far less than i expected] then my guns were returned to me via courier arranged by kelvin power tools 1 day later, the whole process took 2 days. WOW THATS SERVICE FOR YOU.

I would recommend anybody with a paslode to give these guys a go.

Thank you once again
Rob Fitter

Infographic: The History of Power Tools – The Highlights

November 26th, 2014

We’ve created an Infographic of the History of Power Tools. These are the highlights of the last 120 years, since the first ever electric power tool was invented! We researched into the history of the power tool world including some of the best design innovations, world firsts, and origins of today’s biggest manufacturers to discover how power tools got to where they are today!

Click to enlarge

The History of Power Tools: Highlights Infographic

 Feel free to share our infographic on your website or through social media!

Embed Codes

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Infographic Sources

We made sure these facts were well researched using these sources from the web, which you will find along with the original infographic.

What are your thoughts?

We hope you like our infographic and that we’ve been able to provide some interest into how some power tool features we take for granted today, first came to be!

Did anything surprise you? Is there something you still want to know about?

We welcome your feedback and would love to hear what you thought of our first infographic in the comments below!