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Approved Paslode Repairs

Our Courier DPDHow To Parcel your Paslode

We know the best tricks to make sure your Paslode is completely secure
throughout it's journey to our Approved Repair Centre.


Here's a few simple steps!

For ALL Collections

  1. Put the Paslode, battery and charger in its carry case
  2. Put a note of your name and address in your Paslode case
  3. The carry case MUST go in a cardboard box
    Ensure the Paslode case is as secure as possible inside
  4. Tape the box shut
  5. Additional Tip: With a marker pen write “No.22 G52 4LT” (our address)
    on the box so if the label does come off, DPD know where it’s headed! 
  6. That's it job done!

For Shop Drop OFFs

You also have to:


  1. Print your DPD Label from the email you will receive shortly after
    your phone call with us
  2. Apply the DPD Label to the outside of the cardboard box.
    As the label is the only official tracker, please make sure it can’t come off.
  3. That’s it, your package is good to go!