How to Package Your Nail Gun

Step-by-step Guide

  1. IMPORTANT! Remove all gas cartridges, batteries and chargers from the tool and/or carry case.
  2. Keep the tool in its carry case and place it in a strong cardboard box. Sending the tool to us in its carry case or a bin bag by itself won't work.
  3. Put a note in the box with your name, address and contact details so that we know who the tool belongs to and can contact you.
  4. Secure the box contents. Use padding if needed and seal the box with tape.
  5. Print the courier label and attach it to the box. We emailed the courier label to you. Securely attach it to the box with tape.
  6. Write our address on the box. "22, G52 4LT" with a marker pen will do. This will help with delivery if the courier label is damaged or falls off during transit.
  7. Drop the parcel off at your nearest DPD Drop Shop. There's over 10,000 DPD Drop Shops across the UK. Find your nearest one here. Keep the receipt that they give you.

How To Package Your Nail Gun


  • You must package your nailer properly and securely
  • We're not liable for any nailers that aren't properly and securely packaged
  • You must remove all gas cartridges, batteries and chargers (please check the tool and case)

DON'T send your nail gun to us like this! You wouldn't expect us to.

How Not To Package Your Nail Gun

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