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Cordless Mitre SawsCordless Mitre Saws

We stock a small range of 18v cordless mitre saws from leading trade brand Metabo. These cross-cut saws are capable of performing a great range of light-to-medium-duty professional tasks without the hassle of power cables.

Metabo KGS18LTX Cordless Naked Mitre Saw

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What is a mitre saw?

Mitre saws are used to make quick and accurate cross cuts in wood for applications like framing operations and the cutting of molding. These machines have a rotating table on which the material rests, a fence to hold the material in place and a large circular blade which is lowered down to cut the material.

Our Metabo range also includes a cordless sliding mitre saw which has horizontal sliding arms that allow the cutter head to move backwards and forwards to enable cuts on much wider boards of materials.

What are the benefits of a cordless mitre saw?

Cordless mitre saws are not restricted by the need to be used only where there is access to mains power. You can move around freely and avoid the danger risk of trailing cables. Cordless technology has made great advancements over recent years, allowing you to receive nearly the same amount of power from cordless power tools as their mains-powered counterparts.

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