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  • Naked Angle Drill
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  • Naked Nailer
  • Naked Planer
  • Naked Screwdriver
  • Naked Shear
  • Naked Combi Drill
  • Naked Circular Saw
  • Naked Impact Driver
  • Naked Jigsaw
  • Naked Drill Driver
  • Naked Grinder
  • Naked Impact Wrench
  • Naked Sabre Saw
  • Naked SDS Plus Drill
  • Naked Lighting


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  • Bare Tools, Naked Tools  

what are Bare tools?

Naked tools, or bare tools, are exactly the same as the regular full-kit counterparts but are sold without batteries or a charger. This is because most people only need 2 batteries, one to power the tool and one as spare to use whilst the first is charging. This could leave you with 10 batteries if you need 5 tools though, which you probably won't need. So there are a lot of instances when you will only need the naked tool where you can use your own battery and charger.


What are The Benefits of Buying a Naked Power Tool?

Buying a body-only tool allows you to build a kit without being overrun by unneeded batteries and chargers. Bare tools are also cheaper to buy, helping you to keep your costs low. You don't want to have to buy a full price product if you only need the bare tool.

Bosch now offers a selection of these machines packaged in L-Boxxes. So you can keep using the L-Boxx storage system for all of your tools without having to spend the time sourcing the cases on their own. You will find the details of each product once you click on it.


Which tools are available as Bare tools?

Our naked tools collection contains a wide variety of tool types which are provided from a variety of brands. Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Metabo and Panasonic all provide bare tools without batteries. Some of the tool types you can buy as a bare tool are Combi Drills, Saws, Screwdrivers, Grinders, Impact Wrenches and Drill Drivers.


not looking for bare tools?

Haven't found what you were looking for in the bare tools category? Perhaps you want the complete power tool with a battery? Click here to go back to our home page and feel free to look around our power tools and cordless power tools.


Need More Information About our Naked Tool range?

Do you want to know more about naked tools? We have an excellent team of power tool experts available to you for help. Please feel free to contact us for any advice you need on bare tools or any other products.