Starlock Explained: Fein & Bosch’s NEW Multi-Tool Blade System


Bosch and Fein have just launched a NEW blade mounting system for oscillating tools called Starlock!

This system has been developed as the new standard for multi-tools and accessories.

Read on for a summary of everything you need to know!

What is Starlock?

Starlock was created by Bosch and Fein. It’s an improved, standardised accessory-fitting system for multi-tools. Starlock blades feature a future-proof ‘cake-tin’ pattern for a 3D connection between the motor and accessory. This ensures 100% power transfer for maximum performance, stability and precision.Fein Starlock

There are three different types of Starlock accessories: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax. We’ll explain the difference between these later on.

Best Features of Starlock

  • 3D connection between the motor and blade for 100% power transfer
  • Rapid accessory changes: the blades simply click on
  • Backwards compatible: Starlock fits ALL oscillating tools
  • Colour coding: the colour on the blade’s connection point corresponds to its intended application
  • Laser etching: the blade’s specifications are laser etched on its surface

Bosch Starlock

The Difference Between Starlock, StarlockPlus & StarlockMax

Each Starlock category is designed to match the power output of its compatible oscillating tools. Starlock blades can be used with ANY multi-cutter. StarlockPlus and StarlockMax blades require more power and are therefore limited to use with certain multi-tools. StarlockMax is the most powerful blade classification.

Starlock Blades

Compatible Multi-Tools

Starlock Blades

Fit ALL multi-cutters. This includes Bosch, Fein, Makita, Metabo, Hitachi, Milwaukee, AEG, Einhell, Ryobi and Skil. DeWalt multi-tools require an adapter.

StarlockPlus Blades

Fit ALL Fein multi-cutters, ALL new Bosch Starlock multi-tools and some old Bosch oscillating tools with OIS interface. This includes the GOP 300, GOP 250, GOP 18 V and PMF 350 CES. Other brands require an adapter.

StarlockMax Blades

Fit ALL new Bosch StarlockMax multi-cutters and ALL new Fein StarlockMax multi-tools. Other brands require an adapter.

Note: Old multi-tool blades are not compatible with new Starlock multi-tools.

We Hope Our Starlock Overview has Helped

We hope you’ve found our Starlock overview helpful. This new system is a great invention and provides great improvement on the previous OIS interface.

We have great NEW deals across Bosch and Fein’s Starlock range! Whether you’re looking for blades, sanding/polishing accessories, corded multi-tools or cordless multi-tools – we have it all.

Starlock Accessories

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