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What is Starlock? Starlock, StarlockPlus & StarlockMax Explained


  Are you wanting to buy a multi-tool, but you’re unsure what the difference between Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax is? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know. Multi-tool Interfaces A multi-tool’s interface is its accessory-fitting system. Multi-tools either have an older OIS interface or a newer Starlock interface. What is OIS? The Oscillating […]

The History of Power Tools: The Highlights

We’ve created an infographic on the history of power tools. These are the highlights over the last 120 years, since the first electric power tool was invented! We researched the best design innovations, world firsts, and the origins of today’s biggest manufacturers to discover how power tools got to where they are today! *Click to […]

Bosch Power Tool Model Codes: What Do They Mean?

Do the different model codes in Bosch’s huge range of power tools make your head spin? Do you know your GGS from your GSG? Or how about your 2-Li from your VE-2-Li? Fear not, help is at hand! Bosch Power Tool Codes Each Bosch power tool has a model code. Sometimes they are short and sweet like […]


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