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How to Unjam a Paslode Nail Gun

How to unjam a paslode nail gun

Do you want to learn how to remove a Paslode nail jam? It’s easy and shouldn’t take long! Here’s how… Identifying a Jammed Nail If a nail gets jammed in your Paslode nailer, it won’t be able to fire any nails and it will make a strange puffing noise every time you try to. The driver […]


NEW Cordless Metabo Warranty *2018*

Metabo have just launched a NEW 3 year warranty for their entire cordless system! This ‘All-in Service’ is different from their 3 year XXL Warranty. Read on to find out why as we give you a rundown of each Metabo warranty! Metabo Warranties: The Differences Explained Metabo Standard Warranty Metabo offer a standard 1 year […]


Battle of the Festool Jigsaws: Trion vs Carvex

Festool jigsaw reviews

Updated 22nd February 2021. Are you looking to buy a Festool jigsaw? There’s two styles to choose from: the Trion 300 or the Carvex 420. As a power tool specialist and official Festool dealer, we have the expertise to help you choose the best jigsaw for your needs! Read on for our Festool jigsaw reviews and […]


Paslode Cleaning Guide: Get the Most Out of Your Nail Gun

Paslode Cleaning

  Do you want to learn how to clean your Paslode nail gun? It’s easy and only takes a matter of minutes! Here’s how… Paslode Nail Gun Maintenance At Kelvin Power Tools, we have an Approved Paslode Service and Repair Centre. We’ve serviced and fixed thousands of Paslodes over the years, and most problems are […]


Battle of the Paslode Framing Nailers: IM350+ vs IM360Ci

Paslode framing nailer reviews

Updated 20th February 2020. Are you looking to buy a Paslode framing nailer? There’s two models to choose from: the IM350 Plus or the IM360Ci. As a Paslode Specialist and Approved Supplier/Service Centre, we can help you choose the best first fix nail gun for your needs! Read on for our Paslode framing nail gun […]


Honda Generator Troubleshooting: Common Problems & Fixes

Honda generator problems

Is your Honda generator not starting? Are you having Honda EU20i problems? As an Authorised Honda Generator Service and Repair Centre, we’ve fixed it all! We asked our service experts to list the most common Honda generator problems that they repair here at Kelvin Power Tools. They explain the possible causes for each problem, how you […]


Paslode Troubleshooting: Common Problems & Fixes

Paslode nail gun not firing

  Are you having Paslode nail gun problems? Is your Paslode IM350 not firing? As an Approved Paslode Service and Repair Centre, we’ve fixed it all! We asked our service experts to list the most common Paslode problems that they repair here at Kelvin Power Tools. They explain the possible causes for each problem, how […]


Power Tool Dust Extraction: Are You Using the Right Filter Class?

Health and safety is key within the construction industry. There are numerous hazards in this type of work, and employees’ personal health and safety can often be at serious risk. One of the main hazards that workers face is construction dust created by power tools. Exposure to this type of dust can be controlled effectively via on-tool […]

Starlock Explained: Fein & Bosch’s NEW Multi-Tool Blade System

Bosch and Fein have just launched a NEW blade mounting system for oscillating tools called Starlock! This system has been developed as the new standard for multi-tools and accessories. Read on for a summary of everything you need to know! What is Starlock? Starlock was created by Bosch and Fein. It’s an improved, standardised accessory-fitting system for multi-tools. Starlock blades […]

How to Choose a Generator – 5 Top Tips You Need to See!

Choosing a generator for home, site or office use can be tough. There are so many different brands, fuel types, power ratings and types of generator available on the market! You can end up tying yourself in knots trying to figure them out. We can’t make the choice for you, but we can give you […]

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