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Orbital Sanders

What is an Orbital Sander?

Bosch Orbital SandersAn orbital sander is generally used on wood, however it can also be used to smooth paint and plaster between coats. This power tool is great for achieving rapid material removal and provides a relatively clean finish when sanding large areas.

What Range Does Kelvin Power Tools Stock?

We offer a range of high quality Bosch and Makita 110V or 240V orbital sanders, both online and in-store.

How do I Choose Which Model I Want?

If you don't know which Bosch or Makita orbital sander you need, here are some important features to consider when making your decision:

  • Plate size: Are you looking for a bigger tool to conduct work on large surfaces or a petite, lightweight tool with more portability to conduct work on smaller surfaces?
  • Quality of finish vs stock removal rate: Do you require a machine which leaves a fine finish, provides a high stock removal rate, or something more economical that falls somewhere in the middle?
  • Dust management: How effective is the dust extraction? Do you need a dust bag or dust box with the machine?
  • Durability: Do you need a sander that can withstand tough conditions or will it only be used for light-duty tasks?
  • Safety and comfort: What are the noise and vibration levels? Has the tool been designed ergonomically with comfortable grip areas?
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to change the sandpaper and attach/detach the dust box or extraction?

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