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Festool DominosBiscuits and Dowels

These accessories are used with biscuit jointers in order to create invisible joints between two wooden materials. The two types differ slightly: biscuits are flat and oval-shaped, whereas Dominos are thicker and rectangle-shaped.

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Need Biscuits or Dowels?

At Kelvin Power Tools, we stock a range of dowels, biscuits and Festool dominos to be used with biscuit jointers and the Festool Domino.

What is a biscuit jointer?

A biscuit jointer is a woodworking tool used to join two pieces of wood together. It uses a small TCT circular saw blade to cut a crescent shaped hole (called the mouth) in the opposite edges of two pieces of wood or wood composite panels. An oval-shaped, highly-dried and compressed wooden biscuit (usually beech) is covered with glue, or glue is applied in the slot. The biscuit is immediately placed in the slot, and the two boards are clamped together. The wet glue expands the biscuit, further improving the bond.

Festool manufactures their own, slightly different tool called the Domino, which uses a rotary blade. The blade cuts a domino shaped mortise which provides a surface area larger than typical biscuit slots for greater bond strength. The cutter is capable of accommodating a variety of domino sizes.

Biscuits and Dominos

Need some expert advice?

To learn more about Trend biscuits or Festool dominos please don't hesitate to contact us. We have a great team of helpful staff here at Kelvin Power Tools who are more than happy to guide you through our accessories.